As of this writing, spring may have not reached you yet. After all, I’m 13 hours ahead of most of you (apologies to readers not living on the East Coast of the U.S.). But here in international time zone GMT+9, today’s vernal equinox is already old news. Right now, I’m experiencing spring. Don’t be jealous; it’ll get there soon enough. Everything starts in Japan and moves east, don’t you know. (Just wait until you see the cellphones that are on the way.) Without giving away too many details, I can promise you it’s going to be pretty great – everything you’ve been told is true. The end is kind of a letdown, but that’s just quibbling.

Incidentally, today also happens to be the anniversary of the Tokyo subway Sarin gas attacks by members of the cult Aum Shinrikyo.

Yeah, I know. Nobody’s celebrating here, either. Go figure.