In the continuing spirit of appearing to be actively blogging while not actually writing anything, I’m posting another big batch of photos – this time from Osaka and a day trip last Sunday to Kyoto. To be fair, the cherry blossoms are going nuts right now, and the effect they have on people here is, well, difficult to do justice in words alone. I have a truckload of new photos I want to stick in your face, but I’ve been waffling over the best way to do that. Do I just toss up a few examples (as below) and link to my gallery site? Use one of those cheesy slideshow tools I experimented with last fall? (You can see better slideshows at my gallery site.) Start a separate photo blog and force you to add the feed to your already bloated RSS aggregator? I’m wide open to suggestions. (I’m also wide open to friends of CSS. My address is primed for launch – except that I can’t figure out how to edit the title bar so I can shoehorn in that badass Ultraman graphic up there.)

As always, click on any image and find yourself transported to my corner of Japan via the magic of the web. Go ahead: put on your bathrobe and pretend it’s a kimono. I won’t tell anyone.


Geisha in Gion District


Cherry Tree and Storm Clouds in Maruyama Park


Bridge and Sakura along Shijo-Dori


Lanterns at Shrine in Teramachi



Woman in Kimono



Street Corner near Kenninji Temple


Yasaka Pagoda at Dusk


Young Girls at Kenninji Temple


Cherry Blossom at Heian Jingi Shrine




Bar Owner in Namba, Osaka




Man Playing Samisen at Osaka-Jo Castle


Osaka-Jo Castle Walls


Baseball Practice in Ibaraki Park


Osaka-Jo Castle