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From today’s Viêtnam News, page A-3

Government Issues Sex Change Decree

Hànoi – The Viêt Nam government yesterday issued a decree limiting the legality of sexual reassignment operations. Sexual reassignment surgery is now legal only for people with inborn or behavioral sexual variants. Sexual reassignment is legal for three categories of person: female transvestites, male transvestites and hermaphrodites.

The decree stipulates that sexual reassignment must be conducted voluntarily, objectively, and based on scientific evidence. Reassignment is only legal following approval from the Health Ministry or Health department in central cities or provinces.

Based on the individual seeking sexual reassignment, heath-care centers will help decide the appropriate sex for the patient and apply appropriate treatment methods to ensure individual and community physical and mental health.”

Say what you will about newspapers under your modern-day Communist government, they don’t bury the good stuff. But they do leave a lot of it to the imagination.

First of all, how about that headline? Casual readers in Vietnam who are comfortable with their existing gender, thanks very much, could be forgiven for getting a little anxious on seeing that one. And just how many involuntary “sexual reassignment” operations there are annually in Vietnam. Who, other than a few transvestites and the odd (whoops) hermaphrodite, would want to be sexually reassigned? And how much counseling does it actually take to determine the appropriate sex for someone who’s already been greenlighted?

On the other hand, even in nanny-state America you’re not going to see the government offering therapy to a new tranny’s entire neighborhood.