Let’s not dwell on the fact that I haven’t posted here for, oh, four months, shall we? You’re not in the mood for excuses, and I’m in no mood to revisit my many deficiencies and failings on that account.

Moving on. You may or may not know that since last October I’ve been impersonating a college professor at a local institute of higher learning, where I  teach, among other things, a course in their new professional communications program called Visual Language. How I’ve gotten away with this for as long as I have is a mystery to me, but to date, RMIT International University remains unaware that there’s an imposter among its faculty, and my students have so far tacitly agreed to go along with the ruse.  Some of them, in fact, go above and beyond the call to help me maintain my disguise. Today we started a new semester, and a student from last semester’s course brought the following by my office. (I couldn’t fit the apple in here, but you get the drift.)


Shucks. Those Vietnamese kids really know how to get you right where you live. Also, the postscript is one for the ages.