While the western world bemoans the looming death of journalism and the printed word, I’m happy to report that here in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Fourth Estate is alive and flourishing. Proof, you ask? Consider the following news item from the ever-upbeat Viet Nam News: an announcement at last week’s meeting of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front of a new journalism prize. They’re giving awards away here to people for doing this stuff! What matter that they call it ‘information dissemination‘ rather than ‘reporting.’ (Which of those sounds sexier, I ask you?) Anyway, don’t bother us with semantics. We’re busy contributing to the country’s glorious cause of the great national solidarity.

Award for Journalists

HANOI – A prize for journalists who have contributed to the country’s cause of the great national solidarity was launched yesterday in Ha Noi.

The award was announced at a meeting of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front on its upcoming seventh congress.

To Huy Rua, Politburo member and head of the Commission for Popularisation and Education of the Party Central Committee, spoke highly of the contributions made by the media in improving the role of the Fatherland Front and promoting national solidarity.

However, he said that information dissemination still didn’t reach potential, and urged information and communication agencies to diversify forms of information dissemination to focus attention and participation on the Fatherland Front’s congress as well as deepen their understanding of the importance of the mass organisation and the great national solidarity.