Who Is this Person?

The man behind Man and Ultraman (of the two, the only one with a functioning circulatory system) is known to most as journalist, playwright, editor, sometime science geek and American Southerner Patrick Sharbaugh. In July 2007, Patrick left his cushy gig as the arts and entertainment editor at a hip alt-weekly newspaper in the historic oceanside Eden of Charleston, South Carolina to get to know Japan a little better, and maybe, in some small fashion, himself. He spent his first eight months in the rural, eastern coastal city of Fukui, on the Sea of Japan just about smack in the middle of the country’s curvaceous waistline. In February, he moved to the neon-and-concrete jungle of Osaka. In June, a clerical mistake (not his, he swears) resulted in his getting bounced from the country for a year. Choosing to take this as a not very subtle cosmic hint from the beyond, and also not having much choice, he spent the following two months traveling in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. (He also visited Singapore, but seeing as it’s both a country and a city and, frankly, too efficient to be interesting, he sometimes forgets to mention it.) At the end of this Southeast Asian pilgrimage, he found himself back in Saigon, where he stumbled into a vocation he frankly never considered but has since discovered uniquely satisfying: that of university professor. Since September 2008, Patrick has lectured in communications theory at Australia-owned-and-operated RMIT International University to Vietnamese students, who seem to believe he has some idea what he’s talking about. When he’s not bloviating about semiotics, ideology, hegemony and related thinkers, he takes notes for a book he’s writing, shoots lots of photos, and observes the customs, cultural eccentricities, and idiosyncrasies of the Vietnamese homeland and people. In between all this, he waits patiently for inspiration regarding his future, his mission in life, and his place in the universe. If you have any idea what those are, or of a more likely place to find them, please share it with him.


9 thoughts on “Who Is this Person?”

  1. Super, fantatic bio Patrick! I’ve read your blog and it serves to reinterate what I’ve known all along..that you are a gifted writer with a unique talent to express your thoughts using sophisticated, yet clear and interesting, lanquage. Keep it up!

  2. Hey! Shouldn’t you be working on the business plan :)

  3. This is great! Haley and I can visit Japan thru you via your blog. Thanks

  4. jyankee said:

    Hey…just surfin blogs… yours looks really interesting…i’ll be back again.

  5. budwib said:

    fuck you all americans!!!! iwant to kill you all with my nuclear bombs!!!

  6. Hello there!
    Found your blog through google while I searched for Ultraman pics. It’s kind of great to find the coincidence that you’re in Japan and thinking about Bali, and now I’m in Bali thinking about Japan (I’m running a facilitation training here and the current training theme is Japan, that’s why I searched for Ultraman pics).
    Nice blog ;)

  7. We certainly miss you here. Things are just not the same. It’s pretty bad with the so called publication you used to write for. There is no qualified artistic perspective anymore in this town.

  8. Hey Patrick,

    This is Teryn, your second step-cousin…hmmm that just sounds ridiculous…nm. Anyway, your dad and Aunt Shirley told me to check out your blog as you have been traveling, writing, and taking photos (3 of my biggest obsessions)of your life transformation. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and photos and am quite jealous of you right now since I am engrossed in the oh-so hectic and unappreciated life of a teacher. I have traveled all over the world as well. I will post some of my sites for you to peruse in your spare time:

    (My Spanish Class Website)
    http://www.picturemyworldclass.blogspot.com (My Photojournalism Class Website)
    (Mexico Blog)
    (California Trip and Everyday Blog… when I have time…haha)

    Oh yeah, I will have to send you my Japan videos. You’ll get a kick out of them!

    Take care and watch out for geckos! (Don’t feel bad, when I was in Costa Rica, a toucan shat on me and it was papaya orange and the consistency of apple sauce! I would’ve preferred a pellet as in your case. Oh well, food for shits and giggles now. :) )

  9. You would enjoy this, I think, if you ever have internet downtime.
    Another American in Asia:

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